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Bees and goat kids!

by allison - April 25th, 2012.
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Two weeks ago I picked up my package of bees. As we were heading out of town the following day, I had to install them before I had a chance to observe how it was “properly” done–I missed my beekeeping field day. After waiting one week to check them (this is standard), I could see no eggs, and feared my queen was dead. I did one more check today, and can clearly see larva and some sealed brood, so it looks like I am in luck and don’t have to purchase a new queen. I’m surprised at the amount of sugar syrup the new hive is going through, but am enjoying watching them work more than I thought I would.

Last night Nellie finally had her kids. She had triplets, but the third one was stillborn. So we have one buckling and one doeling that will be for sale in about two months, with more on the way this week! (Pictures on the kids page will follow in the next week or two…)

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