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Winter time is here again…

by allison - December 8th, 2012.
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We had our first measurable snowfall last night, and I got a real kick out of seeing duck tracks in the snow…but I’m already waiting for spring!

We successfully winterized my bees two weeks ago. We made them a candy board since their honey stores were low, and got them wrapped and mouse-protected. Now I just need to hope for the best!

I’m pretty sure the goats are both bred (neither has come back into heat) to two different bucks from Haycreek Farm in Red Wing, and we’re hoping for kids in late March/early April. I dried both goats off just before Thanksgiving, and am missing the milk, but not the milking.

The pork was so good I invested in two more feeder pigs to eat my parents’ bumper crop of squash over the winter. They are growing rapidly, and should be ready for processing in the spring.

I’ve had more people asking about if I have more chickens for sale, so I’m thinking that I will do two batches of 75 this summer. Once I confirm the due dates for the goats, I can order the first round to arrive shortly thereafter!

My laying hens went into molt this fall, and are still laying sporadically. Both of the surviving chicks from this summer’s hatch appear to be pullets, so I will have seven chickens laying in the spring, and hopefully six ducks as well.

We have the makings of another busy spring, so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy the peace of winter. But waiting is so hard!


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