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A busy month…

by allison - April 9th, 2012.
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April is here, and my bees are supposed to be arriving on Saturday. I have their hive boxes painted, and we leveled out a place for them earlier this weekend. I’m hoping that everything goes according to schedule, as we’ll be out of town for a portion of next week.

I’ve beenĀ inoculatingĀ some oak logs with shiitake mushroom spawn that I purchased from Field & Forest in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. It’ll be a year before I find out whether or not I’m successful, but I’m feeling hopeful. In a few weeks I should be receiving some wine cap mushroom spawn from them, which only take a few months to produce. I still need to procure some straw for that operation…supposedly you can use the inoculated straw as mulch in your garden.

The pigs are starting to stretch out and become visibly larger. They’ve completely rooted up our garden plot, and are now working on the neighbor’s plot. They seem content, and haven’t caused any trouble yet.

My ducklings and chicks are both going to arrive the first week of May, and we’re still trying to make housing decisions for them. Normally we would just put them in the broiler coop, but we expect that to still be occupied by goat kids by the time they arrive.

Only two weeks until Casey and Nellie are due to kid. I’m pretty excited, and will post pictures here once they arrive.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the pics of the little kids!!! :)

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