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Busy, anyone?

by allison - May 2nd, 2012.
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Casey kidded just two days after Nellie, and had one monster buckling. He is outgrowing Nellie’s kids by leaps and bounds. Speaking of which, all the babies are starting to practice their leaps and bounds, and are pretty darn cute. They’ve finally decided to start sneaking through the fence, so we’ll have to make adjustments to prevent that from becoming a habit. Unfortunately, this means the chickens will be trapped in the goat yard.

This last weekend I was busy helping out at church, and didn’t get much done besides some fussing over the goats. The twins are preferentially nursing Nellie’s right side, so we’re milking out the left side until they start to need more food. Nellie isn’t much liking this process, but I think she’ll settle down into a routine soon.

Monday night my cat Taffy snuck into the garage and had a litter of five orange tabby kittens. Tonight I relocated them to the old chicken tractor, because I picked up my 10 ducklings from the post office. Taffy thought the new poultry looked a little too much like dinner for us to trust her in the same building with them. Ducklings are way messier than chicks, but are also pretty entertaining.

Friday the last of the critters should be arriving–100 chicks. It’ll be good to get set up and in a groove; I’m waiting for school to be over so I can relax and enjoy the process a little more.

Pictures to follow soon!

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